Picture of Noah Petherbridge

About Me

My name is Noah Petherbridge. I'm a web developer / Perl software engineer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I'm 23 years old and have been creating websites since the age of 12, when I taught myself HTML. Since then, I have improved my web design & development skills greatly and can do both front-end web design (with HTML, CSS & JavaScript) and back-end software development with Perl.

I'm currently working as a Perl software engineer for Fonality. That's my day job and I'm open for doing freelance web design & development on the side as well. Contact me if you're interested.

Web Design

All the websites I design meet the HTML 4.01 Strict standards and pass the W3C HTML Validator, although I've been dabbling with HTML 5 and CSS 3 features recently (this website is using HTML 5, for example). I always make sure my web designs work in all the major browsers, or at least degrade gracefully for Internet Explorer, before I proceed to work on the back end code.

In addition to the code aspect of web design, I also have a knack for the visual aspect. I'm skilled in design programs such as Photoshop and Flash and I use them frequently when designing a website.

Software Development

In addition to the front-end design of websites, I'm quite skilled in back-end software development. All my personal websites run various incarnations of Content Management Systems that I wrote myself. This particular website is running my "Nano" CMS, which is a simplistic hybrid CMS that mixes both static pre-compiled flat pages with dynamic server-generated pages.

The CMS I wrote for Kirsle.net and which also runs Charter Breeze on the other hand is much more advanced, supporting web blogs, user self-registration and photo albums. The architecture of this CMS allows for easy extensibility with plug-ins. But enough bragging, these CMS's aren't available for download yet. ;)