Web Design Portfolio

This page showcases various websites I've created, including screenshots and links so you can see them in action.

Client Websites

These are websites I've created for other people. Currently there's only one but I'll be expanding this section as I get more clients.

Charter Breeze

     Charter Breeze, Inc.
     Serge Ermakov

This is the first website I made for somebody else which actually went on to be successful. It runs the Siikir content management system I originally wrote for Kirsle.net. Charter Breeze, Inc. is a full-service bus charter and transportation company based in Los Angeles, California. I created the web design and back end Perl/CGI code for this website from scratch.

Link: www.charterbreeze.com

Screenshot of charterbreeze.com

Personal Websites

These are websites created, owned and operated by yours truly.


This is my main web blog and software website (the website you're currently looking at is just my portfolio site). It runs my Siikir content management system.

Link: www.kirsle.net

Screenshot of kirsle.net


Programming interactive chatterbots is one of my hobbies, and RiveScript is a text-based scripting language I invented to program triggers and responses for chatterbots. This is the official website for RiveScript. This site runs my Starburst content management system (originally designed for Kirsle.net).

Link: www.rivescript.com

Screenshot of rivescript.com