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I'm an introvert and a high-functioning computer nerd who lives near Portland, OR. I enjoy deep conversations about a wide variety of things -- you could say my pool of knowledge is (on average) meters deep but kilometers wide. There are a handful of things I get really passionate and could talk forever about (such as programming, Linux, and whatever's my latest obsession) but also love to learn anything I can about the nature of the universe, astrophysics, spirituality, and all kinds of other rabbit holes.

I write about random stuff on my web blog and maintain a handful of open source projects on GitHub and git.kirsle.net.

Software Development

I'm a full stack web developer and I program in Go, Python, and JavaScript. One of my largest personal projects is RiveScript, a scripting language for programming chat bots — matching a user's message to a certain response. I programmed five different ports of RiveScript in different programming languages: Perl, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go.

My web blog, Kirsle.net, is written in Go and I keep that source code here for now. Previously it was written in Python and its HTML pages are readable too. The site you're reading is a simple Python-generated static site here.

You may learn a little more about my projects and check out some examples of my work on my Portfolio page. Also see my software development skills page and get in touch with me if you want!

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