This page will be a showcase of various websites and apps I would like to show off. Many of them are my own varied personal projects. I may update this page later to show some examples of sites I built for others (I have one that I'll need to host somewhere since the owner sold the site and my design is no longer online).

My websites

These are some websites I currently run for my own personal projects.


Screenshot of Kirsle.net, my personal homepage and web blog

Kirsle.net has been my main personal website since high school. It houses my web blog where I write about all sorts of things I'm interested in (many of which lean technical), as well as various creative work such as drawings, 3D renderings, fonts and other odd things. This website was custom built with a Go back-end and server-side rendered templates.


Screenshot of RiveScript.com, a website for my chatbot scripting language

RiveScript is a scripting language I invented for programming classic chat bots that rely on canned responses. I implemented a RiveScript library for Perl, Python, JavaScript, Java and Go -- both as a learning exercise for each new language and to broaden the prospective userbase of my chatbot engine.


Screenshot of sketchymaze.com, a website for my videogame project

Sketchy Maze is a personal videogame project I am working on where players can draw their own maps (freehand) and play them like a 2D platformer game. This is a custom built static website using the Go Hugo site generator. The game engine is open source as well as its custom UI library.

My Software

Here are a few of my prominent software applications I'd like to show off. For some others, see my website Kirsle.net or browse my GitHub repos from my Contact page.

Sketchy Maze

Screenshot of my Sketchy Maze game, showing the level editor

Sketchy Maze is a videogame project I have been working on. It's programmed in Go (and it's open source!) and is a manifestation of my childhood imagination: growing up in the 1990's when we had a lot of 2D sidescrolling platformer games (like Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros.) I would often draw out my own level ideas on paper & pencil and then 'play' them with my imagination.


Screenshot of BareRTC, a free and open source webcam chat room

BareRTC is a webcam chat room I built that is modeled after the classic Flash rooms from the earlier 2000's. It features a WebSocket server (written in Go) and utilizes WebRTC for peer-to-peer webcam sharing between chatters. It can plug in to any existing website by using JSON Web Tokens to authenticate your users and sync their profile picture and operator permission.

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